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How does the size of my parcel affect delivery cost?

A larger parcel will occupy more space in the delivery van, and may take more resources to lift, thus will increase the cost of transport. However, regardless of the size of your parcel, our bespoke booking system will account for these factors when you input the weight and dimensions.

There are two important metrics that determine your shipping price:

Longest Length

The longest length of your parcel should not exceed 150cm = 1.5m.


The threshold for the majority of cheaper parcel delivery via courier is 0.23 cubic metres, or 230,000 cubic centimetres.

To compute the volume of your shipment, multiply the three dimensions of your parcel.

E.G. for a 70x60x50cm parcel, the volume would be  70 x 60 x 50 = 210,000 cubic centimetres.

To work it out in cubic meters: (70 / 100) x (60 / 100) x (50 / 100) = 0.21 cubic metres.

How do I convert my measurements to centimetres?

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