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What are the Terms & Conditions of shipping a pallet?

1. Secure Your Goods

 Items must be secured to a pallet, wrapped and accessible to a pallet lorry for loading. Pallets will tilt when lifted by forklift and goods must, therefore, be stable on the pallet. Collection and delivery must be made from hard standing i.e. no gravel, soil or uneven surfaces.

2. Ensure Your Shipment Fits on the Pallet 

 Your item must not overhang the pallet base or allotted height (extra space can, and should, be booked if needed) The pallet base is 1.2m deep x 1m wide and height as selected (quarter, half or full pallet)

3. Ensure the Collection Vehicle Can Access Your Property

Personal effects may be sent using the pallet services. However, these services are business-hours collections and delivery service thus suitable access is required.

4. Ensure Engines/Car Parts are Fully Drained of Oil

Engines, gearboxes, car parts and any items that contain, or have contained oil, may only be shipped if the cargo is drained and cleaned. If you continue with a booking, you may be issued a surcharge of £15 for a cancellation, £20 for a failed collection and up to £1,000 for a vehicle clean up. 

5. Report Damage Promptly

Any damage must be reported at the time of delivery. Otherwise, it is assumed the shipment has arrived in good condition. 


If the courier arrives to find any of these terms are not met, they can refuse collection and you will be liable to pay a failed collection charge of £20 per pallet.

If wasted journeys are made during the collection or delivery of your goods due to the fault of the sender or receiver, P4D reserves the right to pass on a surcharge of £20 per pallet. 

If a surcharge has been issued and remains unpaid, this can result in delays to delivery. Where undelivered goods are held for some time, the pallet provider may also issue storage charges.

Surcharges are also issued for under-declared goods. 

All surcharges are listed exclusive of VAT.

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