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What surcharges could be applied to my P4D Branded International service?

Address Amendment Charge: £9 (Only applicable after the collection has taken place)
Elevated Risk: £17.50
Exporter Validation: £25
Restricted Destination: £25
Maximum Length: 1.2m

By accepting our Terms of Service, you allow P4D to collect any additional charges incurred against your shipment using the payment method that was used to make the original payment.

All surcharges discussed are listed exclusive of VAT, if this is applicable to the original shipment.

P4D is a booking agent and does not handle clients' cargo. Therefore, surcharges can be raised up to 90 days after the original transaction date. We ask our customers who wish to dispute any charges to provide pictures that can disprove the carriers' judgements. If proof is not provided, P4D reserve the right under the Late Payments Act, to claim late payment interest and compensation for debt recovery costs.

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