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Service Restrictions

Parcels going to European countries outside of the EU are subject to Customs inspections and, depending on the contents of your parcel, its destination and its origin (business or non-business), it may be stopped for inspection. Customs delays can be extensive. Therefore, if you ship internationally as a business, ensure you consider Customs and factor potential delays into your Terms & Conditions. 

If you enter both postcodes and the correct measurements for size/weight at the time of getting a quote, you will only see results for the services that accept parcels of that size. Therefore, please make sure your calculations are accurate at the time of booking a delivery service to avoid any retrospective charges

All of our services and prices are based on accurate weight, dimensional and postal code inputs from our Customers and we ask that you enter these accurately to avoid service delays or Additional Payments being generated.

Weights for Parcels and Consignments are based on either the actual weight or the volumetric weight, whichever is higher and this method of charging is standard in the parcel carrier industry.

You can find further information on volumetric weight by clicking here.

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