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How do I label my shipment?

Every parcel you ship must have a shipping label attached to it, which is referred to by the courier companies as a waybill. It is essentially an address label, but contains other bar-coded information that the courier company needs to get your parcel quickly to its destination. The destination of your parcel and the courier company you book with will determine whether or not you need to print your own waybill. If shipping internationally (outside the EU ) you must also attach a commercial invoice to your parcel.


It is your responsibility to ensure address information is entered correctly, as the information provided is used to generate a waybill, which determines where your parcel will be delivered. 

At the end of the booking process, you'll see an order confirmation page, which tells you which labels you need to print. Here, you'll see whether or not you need to print a waybill. You'll receive an order confirmation email with a link to this same order confirmation page, should you need to re-visit it later on.

Waybills are not always produced immediately:  Check your service.

If you are not the sender, it is your responsibility to ensure the sender receives and affixes the labels correctly.

Printing and Attaching a Waybill

Ideally, labels would be printed on a sticky A5 label (portrait) using a laser printer.  However, we appreciate that many customers will not have this equipment available and alternative printing methods can, of course, be accommodated.


If you are unable to print on a sticky label, you can print the label on plain A4 paper and then put the label in a clear sticky-backed document envelope and attach this to your parcel. You can buy these 'Documents Enclosed' envelopes in bulk from any stationery shop.

Document wallet

If you are unable to obtain a sticky-backed document envelope, stick the waybill firmly to the parcel with plenty of tape around the edges of the paper, ensuring the paper is secured firmly in place and the ends of the tape are not sticking up.

When sticking waybills to your parcel, ensure there are no creases or tears in the sticky label or envelope, and that the waybill is not obscured or covered by any other sticker. Remove or cover over old shipping labels if re-using a box. The entire waybill must be visible. If an old label is still visible, this may be scanned by mistake and the parcel may be subject to mis-routing. You should use the labels provided to ensure the order and payment can be traced back to P4D in case a problem arises in transit.

If you do not need to print a waybill yourself, your parcel still needs this shipping label, but the driver will print and attach it to your parcel upon collection.

Back-up Procedure

Whether you print your own waybill or the driver provides it for you, we recommend that you still hand-write the delivery address on to your parcel. This is an extra precaution in case there is a problem with the waybill or it becomes detached from your parcel. Hand-write the delivery address on to your parcel using a marker pen, writing clearly and in capital letters. If you are sending a number of parcels, we provide a complimentary packing slip with every order that you can print and attach to your parcels.


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