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What does 'Business Collection Only' mean?

You'll notice that some of the couriers we work with specify "Business Collections Only" on select services, but businesses come in all shapes and sizes. You can book a business collection if your address is:

- The registered address of a company or

- A VAT registered address or

- A location where you pay business rates or

- A place where employees arrive to work or

- A place for which you hold Public Liability Insurance

Rules for Shipping Outside the EU

Your business will need to be identifiable and the nature of the import or export clarified in line with rules set in place by Customs. You'll find all the help you need as a business in our International FAQ's section

Rules for Domestic Shipping/Shipping Within the EU

The definition for 'business' can be more relaxed for domestic shipments. Essentially, it means that someone will be at the collection address during working hours and available to hand over your collection, since a specific collection time cannot be given.

Your Business

If you feel this explanation does not cover your business type and would like to check if you can use a Business Collections Only service, contact us with details of your business and collection address.


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