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Am I covered against loss or damage?

P4D automatically provides free cover up to £25 on every order. If you're sending an expensive item, or need more cover than this, simply top up the amount with extra insurance for a very reasonable cost. Insurance is not provided per parcel or pallet, but for the total value of all the goods on your order.

Register for an account and we'll automatically include cover up to £50 with all your orders on selected services. This excludes P4D Packet economy services, which can only be covered up to £25.

Free cover

We automatically cover every order for a value up to £25 (with the exception of MyHermes) and we don't charge you a penny for this. The amount of cover is for the total value of your order, be it one item or more. If your order value exceeds this and you purchase extra cover,  the purchase of extra cover voids the free cover

Prohibited Items

You will not be covered for prohibited items with free or extra cover under any circumstances.

You'll find all the help and advice you need on prohibited items within the list.

View the list of prohibited items

Unprotected Goods

Claims raised against improperly packaged or mis-labelled goods are difficult to successfully pursue.

How to package your goods

How to label your goods correctly

Oversized Goods

If you under-declare the size or weight of your parcel this voids all insurance cover.

Regardless of where your goods are in the network, insurance against loss or damage is void if the goods are larger of heavier than you have declared them to be. If the goods you send are not suitable for the service you have booked them on to, the courier will detect that they are too heavy or too large (and therefore cost more to ship). They will issue a surcharge that you will be liable for.

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