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How is my insurance affected if I am not the sender of the shipment?

If you are arranging your own courier, it is important to make the sender aware of our packaging requirements, as no level of insurance will cover an improperly packaged item.


As the person organising the courier it is your responsibility to check that your arrangements for insurance are in order. However, for a damage claim to be successful, you must be able to show that your item was well packaged in the first place and protected for the journey.  It is your responsibility to ensure they understand the packaging requirements for the collection service.

We would advise that you direct the sender to our Packaging FAQ's

Trading Disputes

It is important you work alongside the seller to ensure your delivery arrives safely. We cannot get involved with damage disputes of this nature. Where an agreement on packaging or labelling has not been met with either party, we cannot resolve this issue on your behalf. However, where a claim needs to be made for loss or damage, we gladly accept evidence from either party (sender or receiver / seller or buyer) to support the claim. Any settlement will be paid to the person who booked and paid for the courier with P4D.


When arranging your own courier, make sure you arrange for the shipping labels to be sent on to the sender in time for collection and that they use them.

How to attach a label

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