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What if I don't know the weight and dimensions of my parcel?

If you do not know the weight and dimensions of your shipments, we would advise that you research other similar items online as they are often listed with accompanying weights and dimensions.

Up to 20kg or 30kg are popular cut-off points for many economy services. Therefore, on a 30kg capped service, if you enter any figure between 1-29kg, the price will be consistent throughout this weight bracket. Every option available to you for the size of your parcel will then be delivered in your quote results.

How heavy is 30kg?

We'll give you some comparisons:

  • A regular bag of sugar weighs around 1kg
  • Typical airline luggage allowance is 23kg
  • A fully grown, large dog probably weighs about 30kg

30kg is pretty heavy and lifting it is a bit of a struggle. If your parcel weighs more than 30kg, we're pretty sure you'll know about it!

Sending an Irregularly-Shaped Parcel

If you are sending an irregularly-shaped parcel, please ensure that you correctly ascertain the dimensions to avoid incurring any unnecessary surcharges. You should take the longest length, height and width measurements of your shipment.

Surcharges for Under-Declaring

If you have a heavy parcel and you enter it as 28kg, but in fact it is 34kg, you will be charged for booking in a parcel that is above the weight band you claimed. 

What if my parcel is outside the weight limits for the parcel courier services advertised?

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