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My item has arrived damaged - how should I proceed?

If your item has arrived in damaged condition - there are a few critical steps you need to take in order to successfully register a claim:

1. Ensure you indicate damage when signing for the shipment

Some carriers will refuse a claim for damage when no indication of damage is given when the shipment is signed for. Ensure you indicate damage when signing for the shipment (e.g. by signing 'DAMAGED'). Please note that simply making the driver aware of the damage is NOT SUFFICIENT and does not constitute evidence of damage.

2.. Keep ALL parts of the shipment

Do not throw away any part of the shipment, including the packaging, as the carrier may need to undertake a routine inspection of the packaging at a later date.

3. Take clear colour photos of your shipment

This is a critical step in claim registration, and can often mean the difference between a successful and unsuccessful claim. Ensure you capture every angle of the shipment to maximise the likelihood of success.

4. Submit a claim via our Support Centre

Once you have followed these steps, please click here to submit a ticket and select 'Insurance Claims & Refunds'

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